another day at home

Mon, Jun 1, 2020

On Life/Success

It was another uneventful day at home. A small hiccup with my wife was the only anomaly. these are unpleasant but they seem necessary in retrospect.

It reminds me of the hellish time i had before her operation. All that mood swing, personality disorders were linked to a medical condition. It is just amazing. however i am just proud of myself that i pulled through the worst times a husband can go through. I guess I am enjoying the fruits of the sacrifices i made in those 10 years. no one knows about them. no one needs to know.

at those times also i cannot say i was miserable, i still told myself i was happy, blissful. but it is compared to now i speak. Also my inner peace allowed me to separate the pain and focus on the bliss.

to be married is a great thing, a great responsibility. but it is not easy. you have to act camly. otherwise you will never be able to enjoy the bliss it has to give.