After the darkest hour

Mon, Jun 4, 2018

On Life/Success

The last few days were really dark. I had lost all hopes . I saw myself as a failure because my two business ideas failed totally and finally. I tried every way but my idea didn’t work out. I learned it in the 9 th month. It was pretty wasteful but it was necessary.

So it got dark inside me. I was desperate. I was ready to give up. I found myself blaming others mentally but i stopped. No i asked myself whether it was time to declare that i failed? I played a safe game and this will leave hardly a dent career and finance. But the spiritual upheaval was gigantic. I lost my cool. I contemplated death as a swift end.

But i am trained in rising from falls. I did.

Then the breakthrough came: it was a revelation. My two new business models were obvious to me. I know when i failed. I know this is the final idea that will propel me to billionaireship.

How am i sure ?

The way i know i failed without anyone telling me , the same way i know that turning point.