A fantastic dream

Sat, Feb 3, 2018

On Life/Success

I finally have become a VC ! No one can tell me who I am because I figure it out myself early on. I say I have become a venture capitalist because I took 2 companies under management. At night I wonder about the risk by the entrepreneurs involved : what if they fail or drop out?

A third company will be signed soon.

I am changing the business model of Billionaireship from buy & sell to sell at exorbitant price! This will make me an investment banker cum private equity investor as I also work on profit sharing basis.

This is the power of being so well read as I am. Experimentation is needed in strategic planning I read and I did. It saved me money and time .

So my business model now is take companies under management for free and sell in slab system and till then take profit-sharing in slab system. Bring in PE , merge , aquire as management consultant. later on re-invest commission and profit -share back in company as share to sell later. Hire direct employees through each company payroll. Have a team of high level trusted experts from interns , to high flyers to RBNT (Retired But Not Tired).

with this format I can lead 100 entrepreneurs by 2022, or in 5 years. That will make me Nepal’s to 10 to 15 richest man. By 2027, I could lead 500 entrepreneurs and beat the current number 1 richest man in Nepal.

By 2037, 20 years from now, I could lead 1000 entrepreneurs and be the richest man on earth by 60.

It could be 20 years before my deadline.

Well I spoke audaciously but these are my thoughts and no one can stop me given they’re not harmful. Instead my service to the world is to provide underdog entrepreneurs who’d fail, the guidance and leadership needed to fulfill their dreams and become rich!

This will be my gift to the world like Bill Gates is os , Henry Ford is mass manufacturing of cars.