life in lockdown of a mystic

Tue, May 26, 2020

Published (Nepali)

I had this prophecy in a dream saying november 1st week. it is six months from now. it has already been 2 months in lockdown.

People are going to be destroyed in this period. but it is better than being dead.

I have mastered so much knowledge in these 2 months and now if i continue at this rate, what i will become in 6 months, i can’t think of it. to the world it is a disaster but to me it is a boon, as if the world conspired for me to immerse myself into this final deep.

but i miss my trips the most, to nagarkot, to bharatpur and to unexpected places.

i figured out how to fill the gap of my speech through hour long videos.

my afternoon walk is as good as a walk in the beach or in champs elysee or orchard road.

with book in my ears, it is as good as travelling with the most enlightened strangers.

however the adventure is lost, the uncertainty is lost.

even the view is there on top of the veranda.

I miss the respect i got, the expectation i created. these will be missed i cannot and should not create a substitute.

however in my dreams i live these missed elements that i can not recreate in my life.

This year swimming is out of question as it increases the probability of flu. Eventhough i figured out how to make one at home.