Theory of Nepal banda

Thu, May 10, 2012

Nation Building

Living in nepal is a mixture of blessing and blessing in disguise.

Today the nepali people are celebrating “nepal bandha”. It’s been quite a while there wasn’t a free holiday like this. That’s how people take this. At least it’s one day less of pollution in a year. Others will take it as an opportunity to spend time with their families. To many it doesn’t make a difference. To people taking loans from the bank and depending on daily revenue to pay back would be a bit deprived by loss of market and no staff to do the work. But it’s just one day less of profit: no big deal.

In short all have developed a positive attitude towards nepal banda.

Look at it this way, we don’t have forest fires, tornadoes, tsunamis, destructive earthquakes, wars , stock market crashes. It’s otherwise a peaceful place. So if there wasn’t a day when all stopped, then it wouldn’t be natural, isn’t it?

To foreigners who don’t know, nepal banda means a day called by political parties top stop vehicles moving in the streets.

politics is at the root of this event but why? They say it is to attract attention to an issue.

But with the constitution assembly failing to materialize it’s an attempt to divert attention of the mass from that issue to other irrelevant issues.

It’s a well played trick but it’s time politicians became more creative and found a new more efficient political tool to divert attention.