Politics: the conspiracy theory of mon 4th may 2009

Mon, May 4, 2009

Nation Building

Prachanda resigned from Prime Minister.  Now all fear for the worst.  However we can look at this incident in a different way.

Prachanda was so frustrated with his job.  He was surrounded on all side by problems.  He made too many enemies.  He realized that he could not do anything staying in power.  Also he had returned back favors by appointing his people in positions where commissions abounded.  Then on a final stroke, he won back his status in the party by sacking Katuwal.  All was good, and like a nice chess game, he sacrificed his posts hoping he would be able to check and made the other parties by playing the opposition part. 

Incredible thinking.  What a perfect exit plan! 

Is it also a coincidence that the week long tarai banda ended on the same day as he resigned?  Now that could be the game plan of other people or maoists also.  It could be a way to diverst over attention on the Katwal case. 

Besides it was also a way to save the nation from breaking up by making Madhesis realize they were not alone. 

All said, this conspiracy theory could be true.  There is a recent investigation that Julius Cesar was murdered by his own manipulation as he was going to die of a disease without grace.  So he wanted to die in a grand finale. 

In the case of Nepal and Mon 4th May, Khadga became the joker.  All won except him.  Katwal got is job back, Prachanda got is dignity back, the other parties get a shot at the government, the people are free of tarai banda (at least momentarily) and the nation is saved from power monopolization by maoists (had they got their way in putting their militants in the Nepal army). 

There is a saying for Khadga, “don’t stay a the back or a horse or a king (political leader)”. 

Will this story have a happy ending?  It is yet to see.

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