Economy : serious questions

Sat, Apr 22, 2017

Nation Building

There is an intellectual problem about my vision of creating an etopia where happiness, wealth and purpose , that I’m not able to solve. If you can, drop me a message.

See, I talking about three conflicting philosophical basis :
1. Scarcity on which capitalism and economics as we know is built
2. Abundance on which philanthropy is based
3. Enough on which most of the economy of the under-developed indigenous civilisation is based

The driver for scarcity is “consumerism”. without this meme, modern economy wouldn’t exist; they’d be no billionaires , maybe a few but they’ d definitely be no millionaire.

The driver for abundance is “Dependency”. For philanthropy to work there must be enough number of helpless people who have no hope to win in life.

The problem starts like this.

I want to be a billionaire. This means than i must create a company worth at least 100 billion. That means it must sell services worth at least 10 billion a year. Those services in my context will in turn result in the sales of around 10 trillion for my clients.

Now in a market where already there is enough, without consumerism at its peak how can such sales occur?

Then on let’s think that these companies my company owns at various points of their lives solve problems of customers without excess next is the issue of what I’m going to do with the billions i earn. Like other American billionaire by whom I’m influenced, I’d also give it away. But what were my companies doing till then ? If there was abundance everyone should have a job or a business . Then who would need charity?

Then if i don’t do anything because I’m already satisfied what good would it do to the world ?

If billionaires need only 1 percent of their wealth and millionaires 10% there is pretty lots of money to be distributed to the poor.

What if every body in the world was rich in the sense that they had enough to fulfil basic needs , education, car , house and security? Who’s ensuring this state is not reached?

In Nepal unlike in developed nations people are not groomed to be consumers. So is our economy the perfect one in terms of my utopia?

Because we arent consumers we also failed to recognise science and people of high intellect add they are the ones who fuel consumerism at the root with new inventions to create companies around.

If excess was not needed the aboriginals from Australia would rule the world but instead they are slowly coming to the developed world because they are facing environmental problems only nations worth excess money and scientists can solve.

So what should the new economy look like ?