theory of my life

Sat, Aug 10, 2019

Spiritual Side

Lots of things have changed since the first day I found samadhi. mainly I feel that going into samadhi is a normal part of my routine. the most interesting part of my samadhi experience is to be out of the body and allowing by body and mind to be transformed, worked on.

The question I am not able to answer is: who is doing the transformation and is working on my body/mind.

I have various theories.

I cannot believe in god as described in the texts. the bhagvad Gita comes very close to my experience but I have even gone beyond the universal form. My question is what is beyond that. who is pulling the strings? how? why? to what end?

Another observation i made is that I am always all alone. I see mahavatar and another buddhist monk who doesn’t interact with me. is it only 3 of us who have reached this state?

you can’t reach my level by will power, or any techniques. the whole series of events, people, inner experiences had to synchronicitically combine to create this opening of mine into this samadhi state while still in the body and with a mind so sharp that exists in the realm of material life.

I have the answer to one question though: is it only me who has reached this stage? yes. because the stage i am in is one which is unique in that I have an identity on earth as well as in the spiritual plane. the amount of blessings i recieved in my last 30 years is in the hundred of thousands. Rishis and great yogis of past were said to recieve at most a dozen in a life time. So I must say my progress was infinitely fast. why me? I don’t know but most likely it is because I had laid the foundation in my past lives.

my destiny is becoming clearer day by day.

the state of samadhi i achieved could have been achieved in the past as follows:

a farmer could have been depressed and went into a cave far away from his fellow men. there he would have sat down. a shift would have occured and his soul would have gone into the same samadhi I went. This is possible because there are no external stimilus to attract him back: no TV, no travel, no girls, no ambition. so he easily went up. But the problem is that when he comes down, he can’t explain any of his experiences because nothing in the world had anything similar to the world of samadhi he experienced. so he simply says, the world of samadhi is beyond words.

Because he reached that stage by accident, he can’t really go up there at will. Now he has experienced omniscience, can’t die. so he has to find a job to do. Thus he becomes a fakir who begs for a living. because his experience made his intuition highly sophisticated, he gives counseling to people using mental frameworks of the time and place he lives in.

Also because at his time there were no process in the medicine, life sciences and literature, his body would have decayed abruptly and his mind could have nothing to chew on. In this way, this man despite having found the same samadhi that I have, could not use its power while in the body.

However, he would die. then he would be in spirit. but without the mental frameworks needed, he would be highly dependent on those alive to make any point.

Many people like him would find themselves in the spiritual world, and would guide scientist to make the discoveries needed to live a life of samadhi while in the body.

However even if any of them were born before me and tried, they would have failed in this mission because of the too many distractions on earth after scientific discoveries.

In that group of wanna be’s I could have been one. somehow i was most equiped to fight off the onslaughts of materialism and the confusion of too much knowledge.

So here i am living as the first one in the lineage of those who have truly replicated samadhi in earthly life.

It is a great responsibility but made look insignificant like any single human life, just to keep my bliss.