The new siva equilibrium

Fri, Sep 11, 2020

Spiritual Side

It has been just so long I have not worked. At times I wonder if I will be able to work for a living again: the responsibility, the stress, the pain, the inconvenience, the clients, the behavioral changes, the changes in habits, and routines.

So many people don’t have any money. It is scary to be in their place. With no hope of work in the near future, many have no other resort than borrowing to even eat. Myself I have no problem for ever but I can’t help feel the pain and hurt of these people who either have lost it all or are losing it. There is nothing I can do about them.

In my inner vision I can see siva dancing the tandav nritya, destroying all without cares, with full abandon. Every rule , every law, every thing has been and will keep being broken until a new siva equilibrium will be reached.

No one is spared. No one will be spared.

Those who survive are those who embraced satwa gun before the pandemic. Every one else has been and will spiraled into oblivion. What about me? Truly I don’t know. I am just able to make use of the negativity thrown at the world, that is the only difference.

May be I am scared that millions will be unable to buy food and looting will be the norm.

In my vision, I see siva unrelenting, unstopping, uncompromising. The black hole will suck everything in. No excuses.

What is the fun of being rich when everyone is poor?

Today the pump at home broke despite being just repaired. So I might have to buy a new one and having wasted the repair cost. In normal times, it would have been peanuts. Now I feel cornered. It is not that I don’t have the money. It is just can’t feel the money.

Feeling the money is such an amazing feeling that I had got used to since so many years. May be I feel I like felt in my school days when I had no work.

Whatever it is, I feel low being unable to earn money.