Samadhi attained

Mon, Feb 25, 2019

Spiritual Side

On Friday 22nd Feb 2019 just a few weeks before my 45th birthday, I finally attained Samadhi in its full manifestation.

I had a dream that i cashed in a cheque of 5 Lakh rupees a few days ago.

I had tried since i was 25. One time i was so close to it but i gave up because i didn’t know what to do next and it was not sustainable, and repeatable.

For many years i gave up meditation practice as a whole to finish other karma’s.

I restarted dedicated routine meditation only 5 years ago.

around Feb 20th 2019 I finally achieved that state which meets all my requirements of sustainability and repeatability.

there was a point i was lost till a few weeks prior. then I stumbled on books my Micheal Newton and Brian Tresse. The knowledge was the missing link. I had been at the top of the mountain many times, may a dozen times, but then I couldn’t jump because i didn’t know how to fly. The knowledge of past lives and in-between states in their books helped me build the wings needed. Finally i jumped and i made it.

Immidiately every spiritual experiences since I was 8 years old , connected into a locus leading to this point. i will not share these now but later because they are too personal and powerful and could set wrong examples if followed.

Yet I am sharing my last stage of attaining samadhi because without proper practice it is unattainable my any human.

Basically it is state above the sub-conscious state , touching the unconscious and fully in the super-conscious state. Again the later state is controlled by higher souls who choose to reveal the extend you experience.