Report of samadhi

Mon, Aug 5, 2019

Spiritual Side

My daily one hour of samadhi has become so part of life that I don’t feel it special. It is good.

For one hour, I can go:

  • to the first floor: places in the physical world, or dream world, in the present, past or future
  • to the second floor: outside the earth and sit in the moon to pulsate will or energy in and out
  • to the third floor: beyond the universe at the end where it expands. there I have an universal form with multiple bodies
  • to the fourth floor: beyond the universe in a place where I meet other souls in samadhi
  • to the fifth floor: here i lose the ego and become rays of light moving up, i think it is the universal quantum field of something like that
  • to the sixth floor: here i become particles spread about vastly, again like quantum world
  • beyond that are either gods or super advanced souls that are sending me all those electric jolts while i am in samadhi: there I have not gone and have not tried as I am busy in the other six floors

Synchronicities are increasing in my daily life beyond normal, indicating more interference from my guides from the seventh plane.