Reading events by the gods

Fri, Jan 25, 2019

Spiritual Side

The gods or my gurus or whatever they are or even my higher self or future self, are orchestrating events in my life to guide me. Like the subconscious mind they cannot talk to us directly. They speak through events, mostly external.

I don’t think every event is a message from the gods like every night i don’t think there ought to be revealing dreams.

So to differentiate an event that is a message from an event that is a just part of causality of life?

To me, it is the

  • unusual nature, unexpected nature of the event
  • the abnormal feelings that is gives rise in us
  • events that cause serious problems or unthinkable opportunities

Each time events meet these criteria i spend significant amount of time to analyse the time around the even, the circumstances, my thinking, and determine what i need to change. then change.