Rainbow body and after

Mon, Aug 26, 2019

Spiritual Side

It has been a long time I have not written. Samadhi has become such a natural part of my routine that the sense of awe is significantly reduced.

Still I am making lots of progress in every sitting.

After reaching the 8th floor, I found the “one”.

I became the “one”, as at this stage all impurities will no longer be there.

Then I experienced being wrapped around a sphere. I was becoming small, moving with other balls with me inside in the infinite darkness.

then another day, I disappeared and became a rainbow body.

Now I go the the 8th floor and become this rainbow body.

After a dream on math, I try to analyze mathematically in terms of functions in the rainbow body.

The analysis is superficial. I just feel I am floating in this abyss of dark matter. I can grow bigger to turn away pull from thoughts of the mind.

Currently from the rainbow body I am trying the understand the workings of the 3 modes of nature described in the Gita.

The dream of math , indicated to that because in my engineering degree I had come so near to understanding it. But I could not sustain the theoritical exercise also.

However now I think I can, I have the time and the power.

This new development in my samadhi is amazing. I dont know where it will lead.