Progress in samadhi

Mon, Jun 10, 2019

Spiritual Side

It has been many months since i attained samadhi and now it is seeming a normal state of being.

A few days ago it seemed like i was going to work out but in the spiritual plane. Move, emit, absorb: don’ stop. It is like driving, or swimming. At the beginning you have to aware of all the movements. It can tax your will power. However, later on it became quite automatic. Now I can get out of the samadhi processes of move,emit, absorb.

As I get doze off:

  • Sometimes I just lose consciousness
  • slip into a dream state and end up in a dream
  • Find myself in unknown or un-thought places
  • just sit down in front of myself or on the moon or sun.

This new practice has made samadhi less burdensome.

During samadhi the mind is totally shut down. It has no opportunity to focus, analyse, synthesise. As a result as soon as i come down from samadhi, the mind works overdrive. Lately it has caused me to sleep late as I had to let him complete some thoughts.

Unplanned effect was the generation of some dark energy that filled my being yesterday. I could feel the flow inside of me. Eventually it came out in a nasty dream and the dark energy seemed to have worn off.

During the day, my soul feels tempted to move,emit,absorb but I stop it because it hurts all three body-mind-soul. Before I did not know and could not enter samadhi so I just emitted energy like nothing through the mind and body. It drained me and produced mild results and certainly no continuity.

So here I am in this unique stage of the understanding of samadhi. The OBE is faster, more convinient, just a thought away. But I need to be sitting in lotus posture with straight back because the impetus is not enough.

I guess if you do samadhi in lying position it will lack the force needed.