Probability vs fate

Tue, Feb 13, 2018

Spiritual Side

I don’t believe in the law of probability although without it we couldn’t explain the infinite odd eventualities in life.

Instead I believe in the law of fate in the case of bigger events and the law of teaching by higher self.

Let’s start with something small : a near accident. It was a probability. But most likely it was an evidence that something in your walking style or driving style is missing. So this event taught you to fix such a gap.

Let ‘s say there was nothing wrong on your side. Based on probability , we’d say it was bad luck. But based on the law of teaching by higher self, we have to connect it to some karma in the past of this life or past ones, that you escaped without consequence. In this framework, everything is linked.

This is how I see life. It doesn’t mean you’ve got to over think every small incident. At times , it could be just plain bad luck like slipping on dog shit and missing the bus by a few minutes or taking the route with a traffic jam.

so in many ways it’s like quantum mechanics : both probability & fate are true.

It again depends on the person’s attunement. He has to be able to differentiate which law caused a certain event. That skill is attained through meditation and practice.

Negative experiences are espeially under the law of teaching from higher self. Even great masters of mind, follow the law of inertia : they don’t change when needed by free will. Then negative incidents occur. But if the person is weak or negative , it will not work , the change needed will not be understood , leave being executed.

Masters of the self , no matter how they dislike such a change needed , get the point and move into action.

Those not attuned , spiral into either self-destruction or revenge mode.

what if all were masters? Everyone would be enlightened !

what if I didn’t know this stuff? I’d be miserable and a failure.