Partial death

Thu, Sep 7, 2017

Spiritual Side

Since a few days I’ve been feeling low. I was struggling with the fact that I didn’t get the recognition I thought I deserved from those who are supposed to not only know but live my ‘generosity’ day in day out. Alas life isn’t like that.

People won’t express gratitude or recognition without benefit for them. That is the sinister side. The bright side is most likely they take others sacrifices for granted or still better like an animal aren’t able to be aware of it.

Whichever way not being recognised definitely hurts to the one who did the sacrifices. However I’ve come to the conclusion that hoping to be recognised is a futile attempt. The most important thing is to recognise oneself by oneself.

Once this is done no one is needed to appreciate you.

So yesterday part of me died , that part that craved such recognition. Guess what ? I feel like a big bush of thorns has been removed from me.

I had vivid images of me lying in the banks of the river of pashupati dead and naked like a recent case of sudden death. Yes now that ego of mine that lives yo be recognised has died. I feel at peace now.