Paris : my childhood

Sun, Apr 1, 2018

Spiritual Side

Watching the movie “Passenger” enthralled me today. I was so in peace today. I almost struck a multi crore commission deal on my first visit. The aura of the meeting hung on me throughout the day. I just realised that my business idea is really something huge and the best kept secret.

I had dreamt of going to Paris with my wife last night.

At times i just wish i had enough money to travel there and stay a few weeks in a four star hotel of Paris;skate at the trocadero, walk in the champs d elyse, mate my son play in the Luxembourg park. It wouldn’t take much just a million rupees and i could afford it from one years saving but it is not the way i want it. Such trips to he pleasurable must be 1% of my yearly savings. Otherwise it’s not fun.

The movie just accentuated my desire. Before my mum dies we will take her on a week long holiday to Paris that i know. I’m going to earn enough to the end.