Numerology year 7

Sat, Jan 6, 2018

Spiritual Side

2017 was my year 7 in numerology. This year occurred in my life 6 times:
1. year of birth
2. at 7
3. at 16, in class 10, when an event made me an outcast in boarding school in which I was thinking of getting wild
4.at 25, after graduating from B. E, the pull from inside couldn’t be stopped anymore and that year I meditated full time 8 hours a day; then at the end I changed the course of my life through a training in counseling and starting an NGO to that end.
5.at 34, my wife was pregnant, I didn’t know what else to do career wise and was ready to go to India through 7 habits : so desperate I was. Then ncc bank project came and the rest became history.
6. at 42, I got into a casual argument over a normal hiccup with a client but that burned a fire in me to become an entrepreneur. I got gradually disinterested in working for others, plummetting me into a full year of total transformation of body, mind and spirit. I had good clients friends who didn’t mind my change , so I didn’t suffer financially although I lead a retired life.

Now I am in year 8 and I’m already feeling the vibration of action.

It is tough to transition but it has to be.

I am thankful to all who supported me in my year 7.

Now it’s time to move on and build my empire before the next year 7. IT is 9 years from now ! I’ll be 51.

I’d like to spend that year ,I cant say really now!