My incredible life: divinity on earth

Sun, Aug 18, 2019

Spiritual Side

I look at my life and I am just amazed how it is even possible to live the way I am, in such utter bliss and opulence?

  • I have no worries.
  • I have everything paid for ahead.
  • My day is fully engaged with creative, fruitful events, every day.
  • I have just enough challenges to keep me away from boredom
  • I have goal independent of any one

But all this isn’t difficult to obtain at least for a multi-millionaire or a billionaire. however he could not enjoy living like i do because in order to have my life you need”

  • to be free from desire
  • to be free from lust
  • to have tamed ones’ ego
  • to be able to see synchronicity and create it
  • to be in tune with the universe

Alas the more people get rich the less of these 5 capacities he has.

if I had less money than now, I could not achieve my current state but if i had more money, also i could not.

Money has to be in the perfect amount. For that one must be able to stop earning but who will by own volition do so? what is where the universe comes it: the divine writer. wow!

May be one day, people will come to know about this life of mine. The same extent of bliss will be hard for any one to attain but near by many people may be able to reach.

the very fact that some mock this writing, is a sign that they can’t attain this incomprehensible Shangrila in the midst of a city.

Good luck young man or woman.