My bliss, my way

Thu, Jan 3, 2019

Spiritual Side

It seems I am back from a war and never having to go back again because i don’t like to kill people for a living, to be violent by default.

My war was to try to build the first unicorn from Nepal. I worked on the idea for 2 years with the intent to become a billionaire. But as I came closer and closer to the final summit, i began having doubts.

I did have the necessary qualities to actually reach the summit. Alone, base camp, is as far as i could go. Of course if there was another partner with the qualities of ambition, aggression, restlessness, i would have continued. But i neither have a brother, nor were there any friends with those qualities who shared my values of ethics, harmony and balance.

Bill Gates and Steve Ballmer

Yes, there was no partnership in my life. May be it is because of my nature of solitude seeking or may be because of being in Nepal with limited resources.

Alternative scenario

Many can argue that if i was going to give up for no reason despite so much effort, why did I start in the first place? To be failure is success and success is failure. I don’t try stuff to succeed but to learn. Given that my desires are so controlled, whatever money I make from my few successes, is equivalent to fortunes, because money not spent is money earned and compounding.

Still i had not started this journey i would be depressed as every morning despite my best pay days, before i started this venture, voices of gloom inside me filled me echoing damnation.

it was like this guy in my head before i started my venture
it is how i feel after trying and failing

if I had never tried i would lived the above red demon all my life. Yes i didn’t make a dent in the universe, i earned no money from my effort, lost some money, but i am happy.

So every morning when i wake up i am filled with immense bottomless bliss. My room seems to be in a deep forest as i open my eyes.