Meditation innovation again

Wed, Sep 16, 2020

Spiritual Side

I made a new innovation in my meditation. It was needed because I had achieved the perfect asana of body and mind. Before I had always something bringing me back to body awareness due to the imperfection in seat, or the way I sat. now I solved those problems.

I guess it had to in tandem with the burning of all my karma that kept my mind pulled back down into the lower chakras. Now these karma seem to have dried up.

So I was able to mix the binaural beats of 0.9hz with the drum music. This helped me stop myself from falling back to the lower mind during meditation, where I could be bound by old karmic thoughts. Yesterday was the first trial day, and it was much effective in giving work to do for my soul in the 8thchakra.

I have integrated all my spiritual experiences into one model although everything seems haphazard.

Phase 1 : the lower chakras below the 6th

Phase 2: the sahasra chakra

Phase 3: the 10 levels beyond the 7th

Phase 4: beyond the 10th level

Phase 5: into the 11th level (current)

In the current phase I am able to totally dissociate from body awareness because I got the asana correct. Then the pull of thoughts are so weak. Then with the music I am making my soul dance in the rhymth of siva’s tandav nritya for now. I don’t know what will be next but this Samadhi is one of full awakefulness.

I don’t feel the pull of time or gravity as strong.