Looking from high up

Wed, May 25, 2022

Spiritual Side

At 48, I have dropped all my ambitions when others peak with their ambitions. I have chosen a play along strategy.

At times I think of how people are living at the same time as I am vis-a-vis what I am doing, for example, swimming in peak hour. At that time others are probably doing other things:

  • someone is sitting at his desk waiting for a phone call
  • another is writing an email
  • another is in a meeting
  • someone is sitting in his chair and planning something in this head
  • another is scrolling his social media site
  • someone is eating
  • someone is driving
  • someone is gossiping
  • someone is giving a speech
  • someone is doing something on the computer
  • another is on the phone
  • someone is sick
  • someone is sleeping

Then there are different feelings also:

  • someone is stressed
  • someone is on-top-of-the-world
  • another is frustrated
  • someone is full of andrenaline
  • another is afraid
  • another is tired

Then they are in different stages of life:

  • someone is starting
  • someone is ending
  • someone is in a down turn
  • someone is in a up turn
  • someone is in a crisis
  • someone is trapped
  • someone is free

Indeed billions of people are there.

  • Some I can imagine easily being known to me and in regular contact, may be 12 or so people
  • some I can’t imagine easily although i know them but not being in regular contact, may be 100 or so people
  • some I can’t imagine because I don’t know them , 6 billion people

So here I am in a house in Kathmandu, philosophizing, with no worries or need to worry about what the remaining billions of people need to worry about: money, doing something.

At times I think about doing something but then I know that that it not needed because the gods are already working on it. All I need to do is what is in front of me. Although it is an unimaginably relaxed life, no one can live this euphoric life because it requires immense inner peace to sustain. No wonder the world is trapped because they can’t leave without causing karma: that is they can’t do akarma.