Lives Planning

Sat, Jan 20, 2018

Spiritual Side

At times I wonder what I am becoming. Day by day my sense of power increases. What will be the critical point where it’ ll take off I wonder.

I knew from my early teens I had to finish the most important things first. That was prepare for death. This life will be max 100 years , but my Conscious being is already few thousands years old and will extend till the end of time now on. Then any Changes in this eternal existence could only be made while alive. I knew this before hearing pundits say so.

So I focused my energy , time in finishing old karma’s from past lives I omitted. Alongside I continued my pursuit to Samadhi from where I had dropped. It was pointless to continue in those lives because knowledge and technology hadn’t evolved enough to attain scientific type of Samadhi. There were stories. Some based on truth , some as prophecies of ancients who knew spiritual progress wasn’t possible further what corresponding progress in science , economics and politics.

with my birth, and my attainment of
measurable & repeatable Samadhi this month Jan 2018, a new era is heralded .

Now it is the for the 2nd most important thing to do in this life:
establish myself as the financially richest man on earth like Bill Gates , but by age 80 onwards.

There’s lot of work to be done , but I have the blueprint and have already started the journey.