Higher self

Sat, Jun 9, 2018

Spiritual Side

Does god exist ? At the beginning i thought he did. I could feel an intervention in my life always, things i could never think at that time. Why would events occur that way and why would i react that way ?

I was even more ambitious because i believed there was no real god but men whose soul found a way to retain consciousness after death and who somehow formed a god hood. Then among them some would take birth as humans but they’d have a part of their soul somewhere. That part i called higher self.

Not everyone has a higher self yet. They’d need to have attained a certain level of control in their soul.

So since 18 i knew i had been born before and i had a higher self. There were jobs for me to do in this life. When i got carried away this higher self would bring me back on track like a guardian.

Then i looked into science to find anything to explain my theories. Everything contradicted any theories of higher self : statistics , psychology, biology, physics, chemistry , economics and finally history. Reading all this i realised there was no need of a higher self. Every thing was random, nothing predestined. Some were lucky , some were not and that was the law of probability. Good didn’t save a sick person it was chemistry and psychology.

The spiritual people in the last century couldn’t come up with any proof of soul or higher self , let alone god.

But i am not convinced because everyday in my solitude i experience my higher self in action both physiologically and mentally.

If one day i become a billionaire I’ll invest billions of dollars in the science of the higher self.