Enlightenment day

Fri, Jul 19, 2019

Spiritual Side

19th July, 2019. The samadhi yesterday was a bit different. Still lots of violent jolts in the pineal area and spine. but I just felt yesterday was the day i could call the day I got enlightenment.

It is hard to define this particular day as i have felt incremental enlightenment of the years.

But yesterday I was so free, liberated. I was in the 5th level and then I easily became many strings of light moving vertically up in a pinkish backdrop.

I just felt I had merged with light.

In addition just a few moments ago I go the insight on my next career move which corresponds to one of having found enlightenment.

Buddha must have reached this stage, although from a different path.

In yogananda’s book, the babaji had merged into the light. I felt it was similar. But of course it was nothing as dramatic. I just think it need not be.

May be it is clear I should mark 18th July as enlightenment day.

Definitely my samadhi will continue but the full clarity came yesterday after the big tension posed by the Atlantic college cancellation.

I am 45, and there is so much to do. however I don’t want to be bound by anything, not even my success. This stage is my default stage: freedom, wealth, minor tensions. I want to advance slowly into the next stage of my life. I don’t want to be famous. I want to be able to walk and drive freely.

Lots of preparation is still to be made.