Fri, Dec 14, 2018

Spiritual Side

I’m happy after many years.  I thought I was done with delusions but my last delusion was just over and I never thought it was once when I was in it.  I just realized that a few days ago.  

Until then I believed I could become a superman or in the world of business, a billionaire.  In the last two years I truly believed I was destined to become one with the killer idea i had.  however I realise it was a d delusion. But I really didn’t see it coming like the so many delusions I had before.  

Delusions are like the rings in an onion.  To find the ultimate truth, one has to peel away each ring, till nothing remains.  Every time we think the last ring of delusion was peeled and we are now in the ultimate part of nothingness.  However we can not see whether the current conception of ours is really the nothingness or another ring.  If it was real, there would be no next, because nothingness would have been attained.  

It would have a similar effect as being sucked in a black hole.  there would total bliss.  However when it is not nothingness, an event occurs causing the final failure to the attraction to the last delusion.  The glass then shatters into thousands pieces.

When this happens, an effect if supreme bliss follows.  

After that another delusion takes over always with the belief that nothingness is found.  I feel the same now.  I am smarter now.  But then I don’t know whether it is about onion ring or the void.  Whichever it is I am happy now hoping I have found the void.