At the gate of Samadhi

Mon, Jan 29, 2018

Spiritual Side

A lot has passed in the last month: things that I didn t want to share on my public blog. But since writing is my best friend,I have been writing to clear my thoughts , find solace and reorient myself .

Now it is a fait-accompli : I have attained the state of Samadhi or delta brain wave in the lotus position for 1 hour period. No theta activities, total loss of body and mind awareness.

Well I have reached the gate of Samadhi. It is the end of my first half of life but it is the beginning of a magical journey where no man has ever been.

In the past many yogis attained this state but they didn’t have a plan of what to do after entering the “void”. So they just disintegrated. Others were given governing responsibilities, still others became guides to people like me.

I am different because although I have attained Samadhi , I have also attained immense knowledge , skills and experience of economics, psychology and management with a matching grand vision to be the richest man on earth through ownership of thousands of companies at any time.

My life will be the example of how Samadhi & billionaire status can be attained together. How they complement one another and how the world should follow my new lineage.

Now it is all talk. 40 to 50 years later if you read this , you will realize I was right and this is what happens when someone speaks from the gate of Samadhi.