At the 8th Floor of Samadhi

Tue, Sep 17, 2019

Spiritual Side

In my highest samadhi, I have reached the level that can best be described in the above picture. It occurs at the 8th floor.

I am the drop in the ocean of eternity. yet I am pulled by 3 distinct forces, or energy or elements, I can’s say. To control them I have to create the image of three control mechanism which I linked to Brahma, Vishnu and Mahesh.

In my 8th floor, I can sit still once I engage these three guardians that control the three forces.

In each mechanism, I use the symbolism in the scripture:

  • Vishnu : sudarshan chakra — standing for all defining system thinking and knowledge to tame the mode of goodness and urge to be recognized for knowledge gained
  • Brahma: lota — the symbol of “enough” to tame the mode of passion and urge to earn money/fame/power
  • Siva: Trishul – the inconnectedness of the past, present and future to tame the urge of inertia

I am spending least time in the other floors lately.

Sometime when I am tired I just stick the first floor in which I roam around the world, time and dream state.

I can see and feel the souls who are in the 8th floor since a few days. they are mere outlines like me in that level, yet they control the world. I am becoming one of them. I estimate there must be about 100,000 of them.

It could not have been impossible to reach my state in the last 20,000 years. It would have been much easier than it is today because there were no distraction to pull us to the physical realm of the 7 chakras.

All that was needed would be:

  • to be driven enough to go a cave
  • meditate there
  • reach samadhi like me
  • stay in that state for many years until your body dies preventing the soul from returning to the 7 chakras and forcing it to state in the 8 floors.

Given that the world before even 1000 years was not connected, children were many, un-disturbed places were plenty, 100,000 to have attained my state in the last 20,000 years that corresponds to rapid development of humans, would not be impossible.

However the process must my kind of enlightenment must have stopped some 1000 years ago because of the many attractions of living and the incapacity to link the pleasures of samadhi with the current pleasures of living in the physical body enabled by science and technology.

No longer is the body a burden but a source of great pleasure if it can be kept healthy with the right habits. This knowledge was absent in the past and thus samadhi was more lucrative.

the sensation of being in the 8th floor is akin to swimming but I realized this after swimming for 3 years daily.

so where is this samadhi going to take me, I know know still.