After the foundation of Samadhi

Sat, Jul 6, 2019

Spiritual Side

These few passed days i felt a kind of resignation with life. I was not happy in state of consciousness:

  • waking
  • free
  • busy
  • sleeping
  • samadhi
  • exercise
  • reading
  • training
  • earning
  • not earning
  • sleepless
  • sleepful
  • dream
  • napping

I found a fault in all. What then did i want? death? That would be even more boring. but i felt at least i would not have to:

  • be productive

I think this is the most peculiar charateristic of life.

Then as per my routine I sat in samadhi.

then i became liberated from this burdensome feeling of being alive. Yes i still have to be productive or do karma but it didn’t both me anymore. In one hour i was totally free.

The next day after samadhi, I found total relaxation in all three levels.

There is so much to be explored in samadhi now that the foundation has been laid.