After attaining the 7th and 8th siddhis

Sat, Apr 13, 2019

Spiritual Side

In my meditation since the last two days, I achieved the unification with my ascended friends. They had been masters but now I call them friends because now i see and feel them and am joined with them.

I never would have joined hands with anyone as I am such a loner and independent but they too are like me. They have been with me since I was born, always guiding me and protecting me.

45 years it took for me to reach them. I couldn’t reach that state in my past life despite all my spiritual achievements and fame. It was because these successes itself were the blockage to reach that state of samadhi or unification with the masters.

They reached that state through arduous spiritual practice not possible by birth in the last centuries. The details of how they attained that state is of no concern to me as how i attained my state should be of no concern to you, if you are reading this. The journey to samadhi of the 8 siddhis is unique to all and it cannot be taught in physical words or even telepathic communication. Only the techniques can be taught through events, preferences, urges, inspiration, repulsions, dreams, failures, self-discovery. If you can’t understand these, then you are no where near the time to ascend to samadhi.

With this final success in attaining samadhi, a new journey will begin. Exactly what i don’t know and i don’t wish to know.