Advanced Visualization

Fri, May 17, 2019

Spiritual Side

In the morning I felt a kind of despair. How to get more work? I have enough money. But I need work, but not too much work. I find myself in this strange position of life.

As i worked out the despair became more managed.

Because my life is unique so is my life situation so unique.

i tried a new strategy today but i realized it would be useless as experiments before showed no positive outcomes.

I am the CEO of my own brand, i know. It is tough. But at least it is only I that I have to answer to.

sometimes i wonder why I chose the skills and knowledge set I have. But this career has given me everything i needed. Most important i don’t have to think of running away, of giving up, of solitude, it is part of my life.

I know my masters are there.

More importantly after my samadhi I found out where visualization begins, how it works.

I realize that before I was trying to squeeze out juice from a bottle by visualizing.

Now in samadhi, all the juice comes out and just spreads out unhindered by the body. the effect is so powerful that it is incomprehensible to be even.

Imagine a sun that had always been covered and one hour a day, it can come out of the cover and shine as much as it wants unhindered.

In this state the visualization for success i did before from the third eye happen at speeds and volume in the scale of infinity.

so I don’t believe i am or can be screwed. No.

Still I like to feel despair like any normal human being, afterall that is the purpose of having a body, isn’t it?