A day of melancholy

Mon, Sep 10, 2018

Spiritual Side

Today i woke up with a dream of frozrn legs again and that me frustrated the whole day . I didn’t try to get rid of this feeling as i wanted to bask in it today.

I allowed myself to feel melancholy because i can afford it. This is true wealth not the money to go hawai. To go into ones soul and it’s multiple emotional states is the true travel.

Today i felt i was 70 years old with nothing to do and to aspire for. Nothing that money can buy appeals me: a note 8, a new computer , a new car , trips round the world , new clothes.

No none of these have any value to me because it is just a temporary fix good for the economy but not the soul.

At the same timei felt like a 24 years old fresh out of college with so much to do.

I got so much work done despite my sadness.

I love to be sad sometimes. It feels so natural.

Into what mood will i wake up tomorrow I’m not sure. But i know this is true wealth: to be free to feel anything you want anytime.

At 44 I’m able to do all that matters and that i won’t be able to do even give years from now :
Hang out with my son
Take my mum out
Drop and pick my wife
Work out
Have fun
Pursue a crazy idea

It is nothing but it costs a lot money not earned and thus spent : it is equivalent to a million dollar income . That’s why i say I’m a true millionaire.

Poor world that can’t understand me now. One day I’ll be revered as the Buddha of the 21st century. But first i want to have my quietude.

This Buddha needs to have it all : peace , money , fame and power. I’ve made the foundation.

When my time will come nothing can stop me.