At the door of Samadhi

Mon, Jan 15, 2018

Spiritual Side

Nothing much has changed outside. The same old problems at work, the same challenges in my companies , the same steady progress in execution of my visions, the same anticipation of a big break. Yet inside myself , gigantic changes occurred . My body is becoming as good as James Bond, my mind as sharp as Warren Buffet and my soul as powerful as Buddha.

Just yesterday I experimented with a new meditation technique using binaural beats. The problem I was facing was that I could not stay at the Samadhi state of near- unconscious. I used to reach there and be pulled back my the process of memory management in the brain along with insights. It was good in that it occurred without my active involvement but only as a witness. However after a year perfecting my routine , position , sensory blocks, energy focus, thought management, I knew I needed to goto the final stage of Samadhi.

I tried to nullify all thoughts but it seemed too tedious.

I had heard of binaural beats. I read on them and the theory made sense and I deduced that it could solve my problem.

I tried.

And I could see that I was on the right track in the the first sitting itself.

I was entrained at the delta frequency : the door to the Samadhi state.

From this position, there is infinite work to Manage world events.