Selling fundamentals

Fri, Apr 13, 2018

Management Tips

Most people hate sales. They are less averse to selling in a confined area like a showroom than in an open space like exhibitions. The worst sales scenario is door to door, knocking on unsuspecting house dwellers. Less nerve wracking is shop to shop because at least shop owners expect this type of sales visit. Still more comfortable is the corporate sales whereby we fix appointments and then go to visit the potential client at his office. The best sales scenario is to get an inbound call to give a sales presentation.

People gravitate towards a particular type of product once they decide to enter into a sales career.

My advice is to choose which type of product you can sell best and won’t be bored thinking and learning about 24/7. Products can be categorized as such:
Based on price ( high , low )
Based on volume (high, low)
Based on complexity or simplicity (low tech , high tech)
Based on nature of consumption (FMCG , fashion , capital goods)

Then choose the form of sales engagement you are most comfortable with. I repeat and they are:
showroom sales engagement
exhibition sales engagement
door to door sales engagement
shop to shop sales engagement
corporate sales engagement
inbound call for presentation sales engagement

For example I chose to sell businesses and management consulting services (low volume high price , highly complex and abstract). I chose the last form of sales engagement ? inbound calls for presentation.

Most salespeople choose high volume , low price , low complexity , hard & concrete products or quantifiable services in a showroom or shop to shop engagement.