Business talk

Tue, Jun 4, 2019

Management Tips

Building my brand isn’t easy. I should have started long time ago, when i returned from singapore or before I joined Ace or after I left Ace but then I had to gain the experience needed. Now I had, I started.

It is not easy, it is full of frustration but unlike the business idea of billionaireship and MMS, this is something I am doing any way. I love to read, to write, to train. That is all I need to do.

Orders are coming in for the coming months after 2 months of drought. But I wouldn’t have done anything else.

I realize now that truth of the quote from Gita:

it is better to die following one’s way that to follow another’s way

I hope that I will achieve whatever is attainable from my endeavor.

Before I started in 2004, little did i know that in 15 years i would have such a luxurious life and I would retire. I am willing to surprised again at 60. Lets see where the road takes me.