Disruptive idea

Fri, Dec 29, 2017

Management Tips

Today I want to talk about a vague but very important concept for the transformation of the economy as a whole.

All businesses exist because of some innate needs of people in large numbers.

1. Need to eat and drink to feel full , to live : food industry
2. Need to be warm : clothes industry
3. Need to be sheltered: housing industry
4. Need to learn , know: education industry
5. Need to communicate: telecom industry
6. need to be entertained: showbiz

So on.

No new disruptive business can exist without unleashing a latent as dormant need in a large enough number of people.
1. microsoft ? touched the need to be productive
2. google ? the need to tap into a Universal bank of information
3. PayPal ? the need to pay safely online

Now what I’m getting at is that I’m not going to be a billionaire if I don’t hit such a chord in humanity. Good news is that I might have found it.

1. Need to own a business
2. Need to feel important by providing employment
3. Need to have a vision, mission bigger than mundane existence
4. Need to have manageable challenges until death
5. Need to be intellectually and socially engaged after retirement until death
6. Need to get away at will from existing business quickly, easily with least loss
7. Need to have freedom of time

All these needs haven’t been catered by any company . I will .